Project Team

OWNER: Rogers Communications

CONTRACTOR: Govan Brown & Associates Ltd.


INSTALLER: Progressive Fence

Project Details

Building Applications – Telecommunications – Surrey, BC

During site upgrades for a Rogers Communications switch facility in Surrey, British Columbia, a noise assessment was conducted and revealed that the new equipment to be installed would cause noise above acceptable limits. The Durisol team (now Silentium Group Inc.)  was able to assist and alleviate the needs of the client by supplying absorptive PVC panels for three separate noise wall systems. Located within a residential neighbourhood, the customer wanted to ensure that the homes were adequately shielded from the noise coming from one new roof mounted HVAC unit and the two ground mounted condensing units.

Upon assessing the client’s needs, lightweight PVC panels would be the most cost-effective and efficient solution for the project. The tan colour of the panels also allowed the noise walls to seamlessly blend in with the existing building façade.

Working with the client’s structural engineering team, our team provided varying custom length panels that could be integrated into the original design structures.

Thanks to the simplicity of our turnkey solution, the installation was successfully completed within only two days. The lightweight design of the PVC panels allowed our installation partner, Progressive Fence, to install the panels manually by hand. This eliminated the use of any major equipment, which not only allowed the client to save on installation costs but also time.