Silentium PVC Noise Barrier Systems are versatile enough for both roadways and building applications and maintains a long service life.

Our extruded Rigid PVC (RPVC) is a durable and easy-to-install wall panel. Our post-and-panel wall systems can be designed to withstand roadside conditions, but lightweight and versatile enough for bridges and building rooftops.

Silentium offers noise absorptive, reflective and structural acoustic panels, all constructed with a tongue and groove connection system.

Our design, engineering and project teams will work as an extension of your team to help you meet the site-specific noise abatement requirements of both roadway traffic and building equipment.


  • Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) Buildings
  • Rooftops & Enclosures
  • Roads,Highways & Bridges
  • Rail Corridors
  • Residential Developments

Main Features and Benefits

  • Reduces material weight requirements for roof and bridge designs.
  • Weather resistant and maintenance-free.
  • Mineral wool and pvc does not rust or rot and is impervious to rain, snow, and ice.
  • Panels are free-draining.
  • Tongue & Groove connection.
  • Excellent sound absorbing and reflecting properties.

Design Details at a Glance

  • Standard Steel posts.
  • 10’-0” post spacing.
  • Adaptable to various footing types
  • Structure or ground-mounted designs.
  • Gravity-mounted design options available for roofs.
  • Standard white or bright white colours are available.
  • Available colours are white and tan.
  • Panel has a smooth, flat finish to maintain a clean aesthetic
  • Noise absorption and reflective panel options available.
  • Precast base panel is required for all roadway projects.
  • Once footings are prepared and posts are installed, panels are stacked until desired height is reached.
  • Panels are constructed with a tongue and groove connection system.
  • A top panel without a tongue connection is the final step of the wall construction.

Our PVC noise walls are designed to meet all of the necessary industry codes and standards for noise barriers, including:

  • Fire Testing, Physical Outdoor Weathering, Accelerated Weather Testing, Impact Resistance and Wind Loads up to 48 PSF


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