The optional absorptive or reflective aluminum noise wall system is the perfect solution for bridges and other elevated structures.

Silentium AL Noise Barrier System is a lightweight noise barrier that can be used in both structure-mounted or ground-mounted applications.

Optionally built with perforations and a sound absorbing mineral wool interior, or smooth panels for reflective noise requirements, our panels can accommodate double-sided or single-sided property needs.

Completely customizable to aesthetic preferences, our in-house engineering capabilities will help you achieve a wall design that checks all the boxes.


  • Bridge & Elevated Roadways
  • Industrial & Commercial Sites
  • Residential Developments
  • Roads & Highways
  • Perimeter Walls & Enclosures

Main Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight panel system requires minimal installation equipment and crew.
  • Provides low dead load on the structure.
  • Panels come in either a smooth or perforated finish and a variety of colours.
  • Panels can be built with perforations and sound absorbing mineral wool to achieve a higher level of noise mitigation

Design Details at a Glance

  • 125 mm (5 inches) panel thickness
  • 0.5 meters (1.64 feet) panel height
  • Adapts well to W6 posts and can accommodate larger posts as well.
  • Galvanized steel posts connected with a steel cable option for improved safety.
  • Available in 3 – 16 feet lengths
  • Each panel is 1.64 ft / 0.5 meter high
  • With tongue and groove edges, panels can be stacked to desired project height


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