Project Team

OWNER: Post Foods Canada Inc


GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Stolk Construction Ltd.


Building Applications – Commercial – Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Operating proudly in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Post Foods Canada has been helping Canadians start their morning for over 100 years with their iconic cereal brands. The factory, located in the heart of the city, is located within a residential neighbourhood. With numerous projects tackled each year, the team at the plant knew from experience that noise control is an important part of every project’s scope.

SDK Environmental was brought in to assess the noise emissions of the new proposed cooling equipment that was going to be installed on the roof of the facility. The acoustic consultant identified a noise barrier solution for the new equipment that ensured good utilization of the limited roof space.

Project Details

Given the location and height of the building, a lightweight rooftop noise solution was needed to withstand the additional wind loading and the elements over time.

With these design requirements in mind, an absorptive Silentium PVC noise barrier system was recommended for this project to help reduce noise at the source. It could be built to the heights required to clear the large equipment without losing structural integrity due to the interlocking nature of the panels and the steel posts. The barrier was able to be positioned near the edge of the roof to provide ample space for the new equipment.

A strong mounting system was needed to secure each support post; it was necessary to secure the posts directly to the building structure. The installer needed to cut into the roof materials to mount the support posts on the concrete base below. Following the post installation, the wall assembly went smoothly much in part due to the straightforward nature of the system and the skill of the installers.