Project Team

OWNER: Home Depot

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Nexrock Design Build Inc.

Commercial, Building Applications – Bolton, ON, Canada

The local Home Depot recently installed a new generator on the backside of the Bolton, Ontario location. Backing onto a number of other businesses within the industrial parkway, a visual barrier was needed to hide the equipment and blend with the building’s existing façade.

Project Details

Safely securing the generator behind the enclosure, both the equipment and the wall now stands atop a concrete pad which provided a level platform over the sloped grade.

Our post and panel wall system, which followed the dimensions of the pad, worked well with the “U” shape design needed. The steel posts were mounted utilizing the anchors which were cast-in-place within the poured concrete pad. This kept the project installation simple and straightforward.

Opting for a rigid PVC panel, the stacked panels locked into place to reach the 4.5 metre wall height.