Project Team

PROJECT NAME: Commercial Property Rooftop


ARCHITECT/DESIGNER: Debarbier Architects



Wall solutions fabricated and delivered to site six weeks ahead of schedule, helped to make up for construction delays earlier in the project.

After rooftop chillers and air handling equipment were installed on a building project in Elmwood, New Jersey, LSGA Acoustical Consultants completed a thorough noise assessment and provided guidance on solutions that would minimize noise and vibration for a commercial facility that neighbors’ residential community.

A noise barrier that would block the noise-emitting generators was best suited to the application because of the economical, lightweight design. Noise absorption was the primary function of the barrier, with the end goal of protecting the community from the noise generating equipment and meeting compliance with local townships.

but the visual screening of the equipment was highly desirable feature.

Tasked with providing an effective and durable solution within a tight construction timeline, the Silentium team collaborated with Lewis S. Goodfriend and Associates (LSGA) and Debarbier Architects to design two, 3-sided wall systems. These structures not only met the stringent requirements for rooftop installation, but also achieved significant noise reduction.

The Silentium APVC Noise Barrier Systems were tailored to surround two sections of rooftop chillers and air handling equipment. The first, an L-shaped barrier spanning over 122 feet with a height of approximately 7 feet, effectively shielded six noise-emitting units facing the residential neighborhood. The second system, a 3-sided U-shaped structure was over 57 feet in length, housed two large chiller units.

Following the finalization of designs provided by LSGA, Silentium collaborated with Belcon Services to install the lightweight drop-in-place systems.

This timely completion maintained the construction timeline and ensured an on-time opening of the facility.

“This particular project showcased Silentium’s commitment to delivering readily available and easily installable solutions,” Patrick Harkins, Director, Silentium. “It is something that we can be relied on for from our construction partners.”