Hamilton, Ontario – EKHO Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) recently announced their acquisition of Silentium Group, a turnkey noise barrier solutions provider that started in Ontario, Canada.

Silentium is a welcomed edition to the EKHO group’s industry-leading noise barrier companies. It will operate as the group’s hub for alternative noise barrier engineered solutions, and with a team of professionals on a mission, they will do what it takes to bring new systems through to the market.

With the acquisition, a brand refresh was imposed to realign the company’s core strengths and double-down on what it does best: find solutions for construction partners.

Energizing the North American noise barrier market with its agile mindset and appetite for product innovation, Silentium will continue to expand their product offerings that currently consist of lightweight PVC and aluminum noise barriers designed for both civil and building applications.

Silentium is also the trusted source for the MASH crash-tested TL-4 Aluminum noise barrier and an important noise barrier system on its own for what it means for safer roadside infrastructure.

This is a very exciting time for Silentium as we craft what will be the company’s future,” explains Jack Lynn, General Manager of Silentium Group. “With this investment, we have the opportunity to expand into the markets that are just waiting for more versatile and robust options.”

Travis Welch, previous Owner of Silentium Group, will report to Jack as an Executive Consultant & Advisor for EIS and SGI.

Who is EKHO Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)

EKHO is the corporate entity established to oversee a collective group of companies that provide vertically integrated engineered solutions to the Canadian and the U.S. construction marketplace.

A foundation in Noise Barriers, the combined construction industry expertise, talent, and drive is unlike any other group of companies. The portfolio of high-performing operations and diverse solutions continues to grow to match industry needs. While the businesses a part of EKHO maintain a distinct purpose and identity, the individual differences are what encourage a culture of innovation across them.

An opportunistic group, Ekho’s vision is to create opportunities and find synergies across the portfolio to help build smarter infrastructure. Its mission, to deliver clear objectives and create consistent value for ownership. The group’s executive leadership team provides strategic direction and shared services to the growing family of brands.